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Redarmy has been apart of different nations sim for close to 11 years.

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Redarmy started playing PnW in 2014, in which he joined GPA. He was in GPA until the St. Patrick's Massacre, where he then help founded Uranicus Socialitas in  March 2015. In August of 2015, while Uranicus Socialitas merged into Rose, he went to Socialist Workers Front. Nov 2015, he joined Rose, where he stayed until September of 2016. He left for WTF until Jan 2017 where he joined Lordaeron, until returning to Rose in in April of 2017. He stayed in Rose until Feb of 2018 where he joined AIM until joining in July 2018 CoS.

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Current Alliance: Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics - 1st General Secretary, founding member

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These are all the major wars that RedArmy has been in and played through.

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Past Flags:

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