The Project 09 or "Ravager"-class Battlecruiser is a set of heavily armed ships of the United Republic Federation Navy, they are apart of the Navy Expansion Plan of 2035, during the Imperial Wars.

Deployed as Heavy Gunships, they fought along side the Action Fleets deployed. The class comprised of three Missile Battlecruisers and two Caliber Cruisers, following the same separation set on the Appell-class Battlecruisers.

These ships are commissioned to serve with their predecessors, giving the Navy the extra Command Ships and Firepower requested.

The only complications they have is no capabilities to support VTOL Naval Fighters, forcing them to stay with Carriers or Battlecruiser/Carrier Hybrids.

Design: Edit

These ships act as the upgraded Appell-class planned before the Imperial Wars, but was changed due to the start of the war. The Aegis-System was updated to target more enemy Missiles and Aircraft, allowing them to defend themselves for extended period of time.

The Main Cannons on the Battlecruisers are upgraded, allowing them to target up to an Ant. They are even given a Guidance Artillery Shells to make them more accurate, allowing them to support Naval Bombardments

The Missile Battlecruiser Models are given a Vertical Launch Systems, equipping them with multiple sets of missiles for defense and offense. They also have a more advanced Radar System, allowing them to detect oncoming threats.

Caliber Battlecruiser Models are given an extra 10-in Twin-barreled Cannon, along with Side mounted Missile-Launchers that can be changed or rearmed whenever needed. They also have an advanced rangefinder, allowing them to fire deep inland.

Operational History: Edit

The Missile Battlecruiser set was laid down in 2034, soon modified then completed in 2035 as the Imperial Wars began. The Caliber Battlecruisers were then completed by 2036, completing the class.

The Military Commission decided to give them the Trial by Fire, rather than the usual Sea Trials. In September 2035, A single Missile Battlecruiser Model was deployed with 6th, 7th, and 8th Action Fleets to Korea, fighting against the Allied Imperial Fleet of Japanese, Quebec, and Siamese ships.

In November 2036, Two Missile Models and a single Caliber model was sent with 6th Action Fleet, heading to the Siamese Empire. The Battlecruisers engaged the Siamese Navy, defending the Allied Forces as they land in Chumphon.

Ships in the Class: Edit

Missile Battlecruisers:

Ships Homeport Fleet
Ravager (BC-09) Ulster Docks, Grand Federation, URF 6th Action Fleet
Rampage (BC-10) Ulster Docks, Grand Federation, URF 4th Pacific Fleet
Rage (BC-11) Ulster Docks, Grand Federation, URF 7th Action Fleet

Caliber Battlecruisers:

Ships Homeport Fleet
Salvation (BC-12) Ulster Docks, Grand Federation, URF 6th Action Fleet
Salutation (BC-13) Ulster Docks, Grand Federation, URF 6th Action Fleet
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