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Raidathon season
Arrgh's Arrgh banner of Arrgh!.jpg
Date June 13, 2019 - June 18, 2019
Casus belli Spreading democracy across Orbis
Result Arrgh! victory
Preceded by
Nova's Cheat Day
Succeeded by
NPO's Last Time
Animation Domination Flag.jpg
Animation Domination

Arrgh.png Bluebear

Arrgh.png Mars

Animation Domination Flag.jpg El_Barto666

score 86.63339k

97 Nations

score 81.92785k

48 Nations

Casualties and losses
$~730 mil $~5 billion

Raidathon Season 4, also known as Men in Black IV, was a conflict that began on June 13, 2019, when Arrgh launched a large scale mass raid against Animation Domination, on the grounds that it’s been a while since anyone has done that.

A peace settlement was reached between the two alliance on June 15, where no new wars will be declared following the next day change. All wars were expected to finish up on June 18.

Animation Domination has admitted defeat.

The hostilities was not even over, before Arrgh had started another mass raid. this time against the Brotherhood of the Clouds (2nd), that market both alliance entry into NPO's Last Time.

This is believed to have hastened Arrgh willingness to make peace with Animation Domination.


The cure for everything is saltwater

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