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Raid Withdrawal War
Date August 16-23, 2017
Result Arrgh beiges GCB upper tier
Preceded by
Typhon-GCB War
Succeeded by
Charming Treasure War

Arrgh Flag.png

New Flag of the GCB.png
Global Communist Bloc


Arrgh Red Flag.png Bluebear
Techno Union Flag.jpg Shadow
Arrgh Red Flag.png Ripper

New Flag of the GCB.png Réjs Putin

40 nations
38,248.48 score
55 nations
31,315 score score

The Raid Withdrawal War was a conflict that began on August 16, 2017 when Arrgh, after two weeks of ceasing to raid, launched an offensive on the upper tier of the Global Communist Bloc. The conflict occurred concurrently with the Typhon-GCB War which saw Typhon fighting with the lower tier of GCB but is not directly related. Most of the fighting occurred during the first two days of the conflict after which Arrgh won most of the wars. The final remaining war expired on August 23, effectively ending the conflict from Arrgh's point of view.


During their two week raiding holiday, those of Arrgh rebuilt their militaries. After the two weeks ended, they declared war on the entire upper tier of the Global Communist Bloc and within the first day decimated their militaries. During the first day, GCB dropped from 31k score to 23k score due to the loss of its military forces. The conflict saw Arrgh declare 36 wars on the GCB while GCB retaliated with 4 wars against Arrgh. After the initial two days of the conflict, Arrgh won most of the wars and the conflict began to die down and the final war expired on August 23.

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