Ming Empire
Name change notice
This alliance has changed its name.

It is now known as Ming Empire.
The change took place as of 21 August 2018.
More info is available here.
Note: Ragnarok has also been Reformed


Ragnarok Flag
Flag of Ragnarok

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Basic Details
Founded March 26, 2016
Headquarters Europe
Color Black
Status Renamed
High King Jeremy Graham
Jarl AddictedBoy
Thane of Commerce Zafri Zackeri
Thane of Diplomacy Nikolash
Thane of Culture Kek Bright
Thane of War Dreadnought
As of 27 June, 2018
Total Nations 37
Score 93,092.62
Average Score 2,516.02
Alliance Rank 16
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Rose
ODoAP Bad Company
MDP The Fighting Pacifists
ODoAP Ordo Paradoxia
PIAT GodFury

Ragnarok is a black team alliance and a founding member of Spectrum. It was founded on March 26, 2016, by Diomedes and Trajan. The alliance has also been reformed into Ming Empire and Ragnarok (2nd)


Motto Edit

"Ber er hver að baki nema sér bróður eigi" / "One’s back is vulnerable, unless one has a brother"

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In-game advertisements used by the alliance for recruitment, propaganda or other purposes:

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