R-21 Ushiromiya
Craft in Earth's Orbit
Role Multi-role fighter
National origin Meta Board New Flag Meta Board
Manufacturer Rokkaku Corporation
Designer N/A
First flight 23 June 2018
Introduction 26 June 2018
Status Operational
Primary user Meta Board New Flag Meta Air Force
Produced 26 June 2018
Number built Unknown
Program cost Classified
Unit cost
The R-21 Ushiromiya is a Multi-role fighter and the successor of the R-20 Ushiromiya. This is the first aircraft produced by the Rokkaku Corporation since the acquisition of Meta Arms Works in 2017. The aircraft is the first of it's kind in versatility being capable of light-space travel and traditional atmosphere flight.

It has been announced at the Lambdagrad Tech Expo 2018 and came into service at the same day being made available for the Meta Board's Air Force and Aerospace Defense. The weapons are unchanged from the R-20 Ushiromiya. 

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