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R-20 Ushiromiya
Two R-20 Ushiromiyas
Role Multi-role fighter
National origin Meta Board New Flag.png Meta Board
Manufacturer Meta Arms Works
First flight 11 June, 2017
Status Operational
Primary user Meta Board New Flag.png Meta Air Force
Produced 12 June, 2017
Number built 1,100
Program cost $10,000,000
Unit cost

The R-20 Ushiromiya multi-role fighter is the successor to the R-19 Ushiromiya. It's a Multi-role fighter aircraft for the Meta Air Force. It was developed by request of Solaris to replace the R-19 due to its age and growing ineffectiveness.

As Featherine came to power. The Aircraft is still in service. However there are plans for a R-21 Ushiromiya. As of 16 February 2018, 1,200 have been built.

It has been superseded by the R-21 Ushiromiya on 26 June 2018.


The R-20 Ushiromiya is armed with a heat beam mounted on the front. Four missiles. Two on each wing. And two 20mm Vulcan Rotary Cannons.