R-19 Ushiromiya
R-19 Ushiromiya multi-role fighter of the Meta Air Force at the 1st Annual Meta Air Show
Role Multi-role fighter
National origin Meta Board Flag Meta Board
Manufacturer Meta Board Arms Works
First flight 21 Jan 2014
Status Discontinued
Primary user Meta Board Flag Meta Air Force
Produced 2 Jan 2014
Number built 1100+
Program cost approx. $10,000,000
Unit cost
approx. $5,500

The R-19 Ushiromiya multi-role fighter is the front-line air asset of the Meta Air Force. It was developed at the request of the Meta Board's ruler, Lambdadelta, who saw a need for the Meta Board to possess its own native aircraft development and building program.

The aircraft had its combat debut on the 21st of January, 2 MR, during the Flight of the Testers.

Following the release of the R-20 Ushiromiya on 12 June 3 MR, the R-19 Ushiromiya has been officially discontinued. As development for the vehicle will cease.

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