Duck off Partisan

The Syndicate
The Syndicate Flag.png
The Knights Radiant
The Knights Radiant Flag.png
Seven Kingdoms
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg
Church of Atom
Church of Atom Flag.png
House Stark
House Stark Second Flag.jpg
Carthago Flag.png
Order of the White Rose
Order of the White Rose New Flag.png
The Imperium
Black Knights
Black Knights Flag.png
Eclipse Flag.gif

Quack is a sphere which consists of The Syndicate, The Knights Radiant and their M level allies. The name "Quack" comes from Keshav going off on Partisan and writing "ducking" instead of a certain expletive. Quack is the richest sphere in the game and they generate 31.2% of the top 50 alliances' GDP (calculated on 23 July 2020).


  • The Syndicate
  • The Knights Radiant
  • Seven Kingdoms
  • Church of Atom
  • House Stark (member of Nexus bloc)
  • Carthago (member of Nexus bloc)
  • Order of the White Rose (member of Nexus bloc)
  • The Imperium
  • Black Knights
  • Eclipse (member of KECC)


These are the allies of individual sphere members:

  • Solar Knights (MDP with Carthago)
  • Alpha (MDoAP with Church of Atom)
  • Polaris (ODP with Church of Atom)
  • Strickland Propane (ODP with House Stark)
  • Terminus Est (MnDP with The Imperium)
  • Amarr Empire (MDoAP with House Stark)
  • The Legion (MDoAP with House Stark)
  • Knights Templar (MDoAP with Eclipse and member of KECC)


These are the protectorates of individual sphere members:

  • Chocolate Castle (Protectorate of The Knights Radiant and MDoAP with The Imperium)
  • Convent of Atom (Training Alliance of Church of Atom)
  • Golden Phoenix Coalition (Protectorate of Church of Atom)
  • micro pockyclypse (Protectorate of The Knights Radiant)
  • Oceania (Protectorate of The Knights Radiant)
  • Rothschild Family (Protectorate of Church of Atom)
  • The Enterprise (Training Alliance of The Syndicate)
  • The Company (Protectorate of The Syndicate, MDoAP with Eclipse and member of KECC)
  • The Rohirrim (Protectorate of Seven Kingdoms)
  • Order of Aster (Protectorate of Order of the White Rose)
  • Ethereal Gang (Protectorate of Eclipse)
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