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Pyrrha is currently the Queen of Elysium, the Princess of The Pegasus Empire & the

current CEO of Pegasus Inc. She began her Politics and War journey in Pantheon under the reign of Yui aka purpleymoon where she quickly rose up the ranks as she proved her usefulness in certain key government areas. During her time at Pantheon she was appointed as an Olympian in Pantheon however her time at the helm was to be short lived.

Pyrrha was, at the time, making plans to create her own alliance and had went ahead and created said alliance under the name, The Pegasus Empire. However, shortly after its creation, she was promoted in Pantheon thus preventing her from leaving to go and join her newly founded alliance. To understand the depth of what happens next, one has to understand the relationship between Pyrrha and Purpleymoon at the time.

Note that the following information cannot be found in any other location as it is not known by many. The conflict between TPE and Pantheon and the role Pyrrha played in Pantheon are both not recorded in the alliance's official records because they were very short lived.

When Pyrrha first joined Politics and War. The very first alliance she was affiliated with was Dark Brotherhood. However she wasn't there for longer than a hour when she left to join Pantheon following a recruitment message. There, she met Yui (purpleymoon) and the two quickly became great friends. It was Yui who taught her how to play the game and the political game of Politics and War and when Yui rose to prominence, Pyrrha soon followed. The two were inseparable, for a time. They were like sisters, like family. That relationship was what ultimately led to the change of not just the alliance's future but these two girls as well.

It all started shortly after Pyrrha was appointed as an Olympian. Her alliance, The Pegasus Empire, was attacked by another micro-alliance. In order to assist her alliance, Pyrrha left Pantheon and joined her alliance, The Pegasus Empire. This move tore Pyrrha and Yui apart. Yui felt betrayed by the incident. After all, she had 'just' appointed Pyrrha as an Olympian and she just got up and left without telling anyone. Of course, it was found out later that she did indeed try to contact Yui to let her know her plan but by then the deed had been done.

The Persian Empire (TPE) and the micro they were fighting against soon reached peace but Pantheon soon after declared war on it (TPE) for reasons still unknown, even to this day. Some speculate that the reason given for war was that Pyrrha had grants that needed to be repaid. Others say that it was just a move by those who were jealous of how quickly she had risen to power and were angered by how she seemingly carelessly tossed it away. However the facts behind the war are still hidden, buried alongside all the other details surrounding that time period within Pantheon.

The war between The Persian Empire and Pantheon was short lived. In the initial stages, TPE, which had already been fully militarized due to its previous war, won easily as members of Pantheon weren't made aware that there would be a war prior to the actual attack. The conflict was won by Pantheon in the end though as 3/4 of the alliance (TPE) was removed from the game by Alex after Pantheon's gov moved to end the war quickly by approaching the administrator. Reason for their removal is still unavailable at this time as know one quite knows why as they were all removed without much investigation. (There are unconfirmed reports that most of the alliance were accused and found guilty of having multiple accounts however no evidence have surfaced supporting this claim.)

Around three months into the future and Pyrrha rejoined the game (Her previous ingame name was Shannakay) as Pyrrha. She returned to Pantheon for a short time. Pantheon had by this point gone through alot (Yui was no longer the leader.). She soon left however to join Epimetheus at his alliance.

(Prior to her alliance being banned, Epi (Epimetheus) was a great friend of hers and assisted her in many aspects of her game. This is one of the many reasons she chose to go to his alliance following all that had happened.)

Soon after their alliance (Dragonstone) merged with another to form Atlas with three members as the leaders. Epimetheus, Commander Papi and Pyrrha. Pyrrha soon stepped down to allow Doby to take her leader position. It is around this time that The Legends of Atlas blog was written which placed Pyrrha as the daughter and heir of Epimetheus.

After a fallout between Pyrrha and Doby and the lack of support for her, she left the game for a second time and for a second time, the alliance she was in fell to ruin shortly after as Atlas disbanded with its members scattered across Orbis. This time however she did not stay away for long and soon came back and again rejoined Pantheon, this time under the leadership of The Emperor. Again she advanced up in gov before leaving the game. Shortly after she left, Pantheon underwent another massive change. She rejoined again under Rawr and again advanced up in ranks and again left. (Notice the recurring event. These aren't all the times she has done so as we are skipping out a large portion of her history.)

Following her departure under Rawr and the sudden collapse of Pantheon's gov shortly after she left, yet again, she was nicknamed Pantheon's Bane. by few of those who knew her and what happened to her under purpleymoon. The curse, apparently nicknamed "Sisterly Love", was said to be caused by the split between her and Yui and the way the whole situation was dealt with. As Yui and Pantheon treated her unfairly and harshly, so too, the curse reenacts karma upon the alliance every time she joins and leaves.

She rejoined PnW a few months after leaving, renamed herself to Rebekah Mikaelson and joined Fark (Farkistan) instead of Pantheon.Here she again quickly shot up in ranks and went as far as running for the leadership position though the election was abandoned after Souparmon decided to retain his post. Pyrrha and Souparmon grew exceptionally close during this time and she was at the time, officially regarded as his daughter and an official princess of Fark (The first person to officially be declared such and the second to ever hold the title)

She did eventually leave Fark and with the help of Souparmon, created The Originals, which at its peak reached #17 in alliance ranking. He also reportedly assisted her in achieving her overall best of 20+ cities.

It is also worth mentioning that she had established a really strong business relationship with Beacon Inc. whom also played a very key role in her alliance's success (The Originals). Current noteworthy friends of Pyrrha include but are certainly not limited to: Souparmon, S. Wolfe, Meggles, Noctis, SixSadistic66, Ashton Rowe and many more.

After a while at the helm of The Originals, she got bored. (Quite literally.) She had everything she ever wanted sure, except one thing, a legacy. So she set forth to make the name "Rebekah Mikaelson", legendary. She, with the assistance of one of her sisters, staged a coup of her alliance, placed the blame on one of her subordinates whom staged a coup of his own which ultimately led to the fall of The Originals. During all this, she also declared war on Empyrea and The United Armies, both wars eventually assisting in making her name one that the people of Orbis will never forget.

Following the fall of The Originals she left and joined Heaven's Gate for a brief moment after being invited there by Hope. She did not stay there long however and soon left to create The Persian Empire which is still being led by members of The Originals to this day. She did not stick with this alliance for long either and soon recreated The Originals but this time, it was mainly to troll Orbis and prepare for her grand finale. The United Armies, still salty after the last war which ended in favor of The Originals and left their reputation devastated, declared war on her alliance (TO) not long after it was recreated.

Before this war , The Originals and its ally, Kingsglaive were engaged in another conflict with Astra Bloc (A bloc formed by TCM, Weebs, GPC, BoC, etc.). That war had taken most of The Originals's resources and as such, even though the war ended in white peace, the alliance was far from ready for the new war with UA (The United Armies) and its allies. Nevertheless, The Originals accepted the new war and made ready to go to war against them but soon found itself under attack from players in GOONS and Goon Squad. Pyrrha saw her moment. The finale she was waiting for and grabbed it with both hands. She declared war on GOONS and Goon Squad using their unwarranted attacks and the migration of some of their players to UA as the reason for war then ordered her entire alliance to go into vacation mode for 1 - 2 months. The move prevented her enemies from obliterating her member's nations but also earned her the legacy she desired as her name was the main talking point on the forums from that day onwards. At least till the disbanding of BK, NPO and GPWC.

After one day of vacation mode she got "bored" of waiting around and rerolled. Her new nation, Floral Realm, under the name Jinmi rejoined Pantheon and rose up in ranks to Olympian. Whilst there she petitioned to Alex to have her old alliance returned to her. He accepted her petition and moved her nation to the Everqueen position in The Originals. She grew up The Originals to around 27 members before having it merge with Elysium (Previously: Kingsglaive). She is currently the Queen of Elysium.

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Pyrrha has a complicated history when it comes to banks. Currently she has an outstanding loan with "Spera Bank" of around 70m (remaining). However this is not the only loan she has outstanding. Technically speaking, she still has a $529,100,000 loan open with Shards Bank and a $2bn+ loan with RBA.

The RBA Loan was however defaulted as the bank closed down. As for the loan with Shards, her company already contacted them and both have worked out a deal where Shards will receive the entire sum of the remaining loan. As for Spera, as that's a relatively new loan it is expected that it will be paid off with no problems by her, personally.

Pegasus Inc: A business started by "Devaughn", it has continued to run under the radar despite its many questionable actions over the years. Currently managed by Pyrrha who took over from its founder in 2016, no one knows exactly how much the business is worth or whether or not it even exists. If rumours are to be believed however, the business is at least worth a couple billions but even this is very unlikely.

Created by: Pegasus Inc.

Sponsored by: TPB

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