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Proxy War
Part of the Great wars
Date 21 Aug 2015 - 01 Sep 2015
Casus belli OOC attacks by ads
Result Decisive Mensa-bloc victory
Preceded by
Exploit War
Charming War
Succeeded by
Rose Flag.png
Viridian Entente Flag.png
Viridian Entente
Vanguard Flag.png
North American Confederacy
Mensa HQ Flag.jpg
Mensa HQ
The Syndicate Flag.jpg
The Syndicate
The Black Knights
Terminus Est
The Knights Radiant
Flag of The Coalition.png
The Coalition

Rose Flag.png Caillou Surrendered
Viridian Entente Flag.png Impero Surrendered
Vanguard Flag.png Mr Hat Surrendered
Confederate.jpg Shavar Surrendered
Cornerstone.png Restius Surrendered
Cornerstone.png Senatorius Surrendered

Mensa HQ Flag.jpg Pfeiffer
The Syndicate Flag.jpg Partisan
GuardianFlag.jpg Hodor
Blackknights.png Yosodog
Terminus.png El Pinchazo
4kBnDv5.png Dalinar
Flag of The Coalition.png Aurelius

The Proxy War was a global war, beginning on August 21, 2015 with declarations of war on Vanguard by Mensa HQ. The Proxy War was concurrent with Charming War, a separate war between smaller alliances.


August 21, 2015:

Mensa HQ launched a devastating pre-emptive strike against Vanguard, effectively nullifying Vanguard's military capability for duration of the war.

August 22, 2015:

Vanguard recognized the hostilities between Mensa HQ and Vanguard

August 23, 2015:

Rose launched a pre-emptive strike against The Syndicate, however the attack was poorly coordinated and The Syndicate quickly retaliated with counter attacks that stunted the offensive. Viridian Entente launched a pre-emptive strike against Guardian. The North American Confederacy declared war on Guardian in support of the Viridian Entente.

August 24, 2015:

The Syndicate recognized the hostilities which exists between The Syndicate, Rose and The Viridian Entente. The Knights Radiant, The Black Knights and Terminus Est declare war on the Viridian Entente in support of The Syndicate.

August 25, 2015:

Cornerstone declared war on MensaHQ and Terminus Est in defence of the Viridian Entente. The Coalition declared war on the Viridian Entente in support of The Syndicate.

August 27, 2015:

Cornerstone surrendered to Mensa HQ and Terminus Est after suffering punishing counterattacks.

September 01, 2015:

Sheepy, in response to malicious hacking, rolled the state of the game back to August 27, 2015.

Sep 02, 2015: Paragon and allies surrender to the Mensa-led coalition on the following term:

1. Viridia will pay Guardian 100 Million Dollars.

2. Viridia surrenders and admits defeat to the above noted forces.

3. Mensa gets One Dollar.

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