Project Excalibur
From left to right: Police armor, Lightweight armor, Heavy armor; all three armors are included with the Sir Arthur Helmet Mk.1
Role Body Armor
National origin Republik of Finland and Eastern Asian Republic
Manufacturer Finnish Arms & Armor Co.
Designer FAMRA and Seoul Robotics & Munitions Co.
Status Researching
Number built 6 (Prototypes)
Program cost $3.000.000
Unit cost
Project Excalibur is a project being worked on FAMRA and Seoul Robotics & Munitions Co. to design and produce a family of armor for police and military use. Each piece of armor is meant to be similar but different at the same time.

Armors Edit

Excalibur P Mk.1 Edit

The Excalibur P Mk.1 Is the first version of the police armor.

Excalibur L Mk.1 Edit

Excalibur L Mk.2 Edit

Excalibur H Mk.1 Edit

Excalibur H Mk.2 Edit

Arthur Helmet Mk.1 Edit

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