Prodigist, the Holy Warrior.

Prodigist, the Holy Warrior, or simply known as Savior of Holy Light by the followers of Prodigism. Prodigist is a no myth nor legend, but it is an extreme rare sight to meet Prodigist in person. When answering to the prayers, Prodigist summons a staircase encased with angelic feather and Prodigist methodically takes the time descending from the heaven as Prodigist calcuates the loyal strength of the follower. Those who have intense faith and are exceptional loyal to Prodigism are the one who gets hand-selected by the gods to serve as their guardians of the heaven. 

Prodigist's YouthEdit

During Prodigist childhood, Prodigist was hand-selected by one of the god who overseers Orbis as the guardian of Orbis. Prodigist accepted the heavenly offer and for centuries, Prodigist combated against many infidels and triumph over them with holiness. Prodigist then begins extorting them of their sins to purify them and sending them back to Orbis as they are exiled from the heaven. It was not until the human beings discovered that light has given so much more than just life, but a source to cure many illness and diseases. Prodigist are claimed to have an unique aura on which they can heal the sick people back to normal life. Followers who witness Prodigist in person cried and thanks Prodigist for the immense help. It also greatly enhance their faith in Prodigism. 

Sprial of Light and DarkEdit

Some followers will ask why Prodigist wears black armor while she has holy radiating angelic wings fluttering with serne and grace. Stories of evil and the wretched one are to be contained and sealed into the Forgetton Realm of the Lost Ones. The Holy Light creates a barrier of faith and harmony that protects the life, even fragile ones while explusing the darkness. There are constant struggle between Light and Dark, however Light are to be said that they triumph over the Dark. According to Savior of Holy Light verse 1.17, she said, "To bask in benevolence the cursed words must be set aside, and one must embrace the warmth and eternal forgiveness of Heaven with all her life."

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