Imperial Sovereign Dominion of the
Pride Colony
Prime Feudal Estate in the
Imperial Realm of the Pridelands
'Clockwise from top:'
Pride Empire Flag Pride Empire coa
Flag Imperial Banner
That They May Be One Under My Rule
Pride Colony map
Capital Pride City
Nation Pride Empire
Official language Afrikaneer, English
Demonym Pride
Government Type
- Emperor
- Crown Prince
- Lord Mayor of the Capital
- Lord Stewards of
the Districts
Absolute Monarchy
Ouroboros XXVI Pride
Ouroboros XXVII Pride
Franz Hiller
Ernest Hiller (East)
Orson Gerad (North)
Mewt Oslo (West)
Seth Cain (South)
State Religion Christianity
State Animal Lion, Armadillo lizard
- Pride Colony founded

16 April 1822
Total Area 2,641 km²
Total Population
- Main Ethnicity
835,797 (2011)
Time Zone UTC+2

The Imperial Sovereign Dominion of Pride Colony or simply Pride Colony is an administrative division in the Unified Imperial State and is the Prime Feudal Estate or first domain to be established in the Imperial Realm of the Pridelands. Pride Colony is the power base of House Pride and where the Pride Empire has established itself.



Ouroboros I Pride founded Pride Colony after he, his family, and supporters, were exiled from Namakwa Colony during the era of the Great Trek.

First Pride EmpireEdit

Second Pride EmpireEdit


Administrative sub-divisionsEdit

Pride Colony is separated into four principal districts plus Pride City.

  • East District
  • North District - encompasses the former Namakwa Colony where Ouroboros I Pride was exiled
  • West District
  • South District

Pride CityEdit

Pride City is the capital of Pride Colony and of the Pride Empire.

Greater Pride ColonyEdit

Greater Pride Colony is the metropolitan area of Pride Colony.

Port BadonEdit

Port Badon is an "exclave" of the Pride Colony located in the west-side of the North Cape to give direct access to the sea as well as for the Imperial Sovereign Order of the Emperor's Guards to have a naval arm. It is administered under the Crown Prince.

Security & DefenseEdit

Two Imperial Orders are headquartered in Pride Colony: the Imperial Sovereign Order of the Emperor's Guards and the Imperial Princely Order of the Crown.

Aside from these two the local Kommando System Self-Defense Force has an estimated operational strength of 120,000 (80,000 active; 40,000 semi-active) and 150,000 more in reserve. It also has a permanent manpower of 35,000 Kommisars.

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