This is the First Cabinet of President Sorenson, who stated his Presidency officially on March 8th, 2019. When President Sorenson won is landside of his first election in early 2019.

Presidency of Liam Sorenson Edit

President: Liam Sorenson (Republican): 2018-

Presidential Cabinet Edit

There are 18 positions in the Cabinet to be POTUR.

  1. Vice President: Chris Fast (Independent): 2019-
  2. President of Senate Pro Tempe: Sen. Ben Slower (Green) -Drayton Valley (4th District)- Class 1| 2019-
  3. Speaker of the House of Representatives (Lower): Rep. Sam Fast (Democratic)- Barrhead (Capital District): 2018-
  4. Senate Majority Whip (Upper): Sen. Jeff Banks Junior (Conservative)- Jasper (2nd District)- Class 3| 2018-
  5. Chief Justice of Supreme Court: Harry Jackson (Republican): 2019-
  6. Secretary of State: Will Happer (Liberal): 2018-
  7. Secretary of Education: Andy Jump (Independent) 2018-
  8. Secretary of Defense: John Walker (Independent) 2019-
  9. Secretary of Homeland Security: Ben Robinson (Independent): 2019-
  10. Secretary of Labour: Justin Andrews (Independent): 2018-
  11. Secretary of Treasury: Lily Gordon (Green): 2018-
  12. Attoney General: Gerald Jones (Democratic) 2019-
  13. Director of FBI: George O'Flannley (Liberal) 2019-
  14. Director of CIA:  Daniel Barr (Conservative) 2019-
  15. Director of NSA: Jackie Hopper (Republican) 2019-
  16. Ambassador to Congo: John Western (Independent) 2019-
  17. Ambassador to Flavor Town: George Jackson (Liberal) 2019-
  18. Director of Interal Affairs: Will Castor (Independent) 2019-

Legend of CabinetEdit

President Sorenson has 7 political parties in his government. The majroity of his Cabinet is Independent Members of the Executive Office of President of United Republic of Sorensonland. 

Conservative Party: 2

Liberal Party: 3

Independents: 7

Green Party: 2

New Democratic Party: 0

Democratic Party: 2 

Republican Party: 3

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