You can create pre-filled links to deposit or withdraw money and resources from the alliance bank by appending the relevant variables to your bank page URL.


  • Deposits use prefix d
  • Withdrawals use prefix w


  • d_money: Amount of money to deposit
  • d_food: Amount of food to deposit
  • d_coal: Amount of coal to deposit
  • d_oil: Amount of oil to Deposit
  • d_uranium: Amount of uranium to deposit
  • d_iron: Amount of iron to deposit
  • d_bauxite: Amount of bauxite to deposit
  • d_lead: Amount of lead to deposit
  • d_munitions: Amount of munitions to deposit
  • d_steel: Amount of steel to deposit
  • d_aluminum: Amount of aluminum to deposit
  • d_gasoline: Amount of gasoline to deposit
  • d_note: Transaction note for deposit
  • w_money: Amount of money to withdraw
  • w_food: Amount of food to withdraw
  • w_coal: Amount of coal to withdraw
  • w_oil: Amount of oil to withdraw
  • w_uranium: Amount of uranium to withdraw
  • w_iron: Amount of iron to withdraw
  • w_bauxite: Amount of bauxite to withdraw
  • w_lead: Amount of lead to withdraw
  • w_munitions: Amount of munitions to withdraw
  • w_steel: Amount of steel to withdraw
  • w_aluminum: Amount of aluminum to withdraw
  • w_gasoline: Amount of gasoline to withdraw
  • w_note: Transaction note for withdrawal
  • w_type: Withdrawal type (nation or alliance). The target is specified in w_recipient
  • w_recipient: Name of Recipient

Example 1:

This will deposit $1,000,000 and 100 of each resource in the alliance bank with the note "Safekeeping".

Example 2:

This will withdraw $100 and 100 of each resource to the nation Mountania.with the note "Send Alex Things"

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