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Preemptive Pirate Defense War
Date 11-12 March 2016
Casus belli Rose & VE planning to attack Arrgh
Result White Peace:
  • Rose & VE deny plans to attack Arrgh
Preceded by
Sid Meier's Pirate War 2
Second North American Raid War
Succeeded by
War of the Seas
Arrgh Flag.png
Viridian Entente Flag.png
Viridian Entente
Rose Flag.png

Arrgh Flag.png Jacob Hanson

Viridian Entente Flag.pngGoldie
Rose Flag.pngKeegoz

73 nations
52,904.70 score
182 nations
217,891.79 score

The Preemptive Pirate Defense War was a short unannounced conflict which began on March 11 2016 when Arrgh launched a large pre-emptive attack on Rose and the Viridian Entente after noticing their militarization and receiving intel that both were gearing up to attack Arrgh in retaliation for their raiding.


The conflict occurred concurrently to the Second North American Raid War in which Arrgh was fighting the North American Confederacy, an ally of the Viridian Entente. Shortly after launching the attack, discussions took place with Rose who denied planning on attacking Arrgh. They stated that they were only planning to counter any raiders. Peace ended up being agreed with Rose shortly after this on the night of March 11 leading to the majority of declarations for the conflict taking place against the Viridian Entente. Over 150 wars were declared against the Viridian Entente before peace was agreed upon the following day to take affect on the night of March 12. The Viridian Entente also stated they were not planning on attacking Arrgh and would only counter nations raiding them.

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