Potataoism is a religion i Redwolfs Empire which starter when they heard the voice of the holy potatao and listened to the holy potataoism and obeyed the simple rules it said know has the nine holy rules

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1. the holy potatao created all

2. the world will end with a massive and angry potatao eating all those who eat potataos

3. the religious place of worship is called a Ziemniak

4. the potatao knows all

5. never eat potataos it is the most evil sin 

6. potataos are holy so are the shrines and temples of potataoism respect them or be struck down by the potatao    

7. potataos are only to be grown by the most religious

8. potataos are not to be put in the hands of the unwashed masses

9.  must pray every ten to eight hours

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