Republic of Pondaria

Venezeula Flag of Republic of Pondaria

President Petrov
Weist of Roz Wei
Basic Information
Founded 19 April 2015 (non-Orbis)
Color Blue
National Statistics
Government Type Republic Republic
Social Policies Moderate Moderate
Economy Far Left Far Left
Currency Ruble
Civilians 1,000,000+
Area 13,500+ mi²
Military Strength
Infantry 135,000
Aircraft 700+
National Capital Praha
Other Cities Brno, Wroclaw, Bratislava, Ostrava, Krakow, Warszawa, Budapest, Minsk

Pondaria is a nation led by President Petrov on the continent of Europe. Pondaria's government is a Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, Pondaria favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Pondaria is the Ruble.

History Edit

Pondaria was created on 19 April 2015 in Central Europe. It's served as an independent and unacquainted country, so it was severely attacked by other raiders. On 14 June, it was attacked by Jonia, leader of the GsK Nation. During the war, Petrov managed to join Gsk Nation, the protectorate of the Evenstar Empire.

Evenstar Empire Membership Era Edit

On 18 July, GsK including Pondaria was merged into the Evenstar Empire, where Pondaria played mostly a military role. Due its "low" score and a strong army, it was mostly called to arms and was economically rewarded.

At the end of November, Thalmor, emperor of the EE, decided to merge the alliance into the Odd Squad. After that, a resistance led by new emperor, Makaros Taranovi took over, Pondaria was on Makaros' side during the whole conflict.

Leaving EE, the Endless Edit

On 4 December, after Thalmor took power by another coup, Pondaria decided to leave the Evenstar Empire and Thalmor's dictatorship, thereby it avoided a great war against the Evenstar. For 10 days, it was in hiding in Rose alongside Khador.

On 14 December, Khador formed the Endless alliance and Pondaria immediately joined it as an Elder Council of Internal Affairs.

Dissolution of the Endless Edit

In mid-January, Endless because of not being protected, encountered various raids from Arrgh. Pondaria, because of its weak armed forces couldn't resist three raiders with an overwhelming power. On January 22, Endless was disbanded by Petrov, as last member and Pondaria joined Roz Wei on advice of Makaros Taranovi.

Roz Wei Era Edit

Country's growth during RW membership was badly affected by invasion led by Arrgh!, Rose and their allies, which resulted Pondaria's score drop by about 200 points. However, after the war ended it grew back thanks to RW's granting system. 2 months later, Pondaria found a new city, Minsk that made made Pondaria enter new era by gaining military superiority, 1 million citizens and 6th largest score in Roz Wei.

Membership history Edit

Member of GsK Nation (14 June - 18 July 2015)

Subject Nation of the Evenstar Empire (18 July - 4 December 2015)

Applicant of Rose (4 December - 14 December 2015)

Elder Council of the Endless (14 December 2015 - 21 January 2016)

Exarch of the Endless (21 January 2016)

Weist of Roz Wei (22 January - present)

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