This alliance has disbanded as of March 2016.

Political Pirates

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Flag of Political Pirates

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Basic Details
Founded December 28, 2015
Color Black
Status Disbanded
Grand Poobah Warpool
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

Political Pirates (PP) was a small splinter alliance of Arrgh! formed on December 28, 2015 after the Christmas Day Raid by several members of Arrgh. Warpool, a former Grand Admiral of Arrgh! formed the alliance over disagreements with how the raid ended, a wish to be even more aggressive than Arrgh!, and over Arrgh restricting raiding on too many alliances. Tywin Lannister, another former Admiral also joined. After forming PP began a long campaign of mass raiding nations regardless of alliance affiliation. This eventually led to the Rum War where Mensa HQ, Guardian, and the Seven Kingdoms declared war on PP and Arrgh!, alleging that the two were working together due to leaks that PP donated some of their loot to the Arrgh bank. After the conclusion of the Rum War, PP still remained though and continued their campaign. They eventually quietly disbanded with Warpool and Tywin joining Pantheon while a few of its other members returned to Arrgh.

Major Conflicts


During the Sparta-Grumpy War, several members of Sparta including Warpool and Tywin, re-created the Political Pirates alliance and declared war on Guardian. They were attacked by The Knights Radiant in response and following that conflict they all merged into Arrgh!.

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