Polish Empire

Polish Empire Flag.png Flag of Polish Empire

Ceszar MinesomeMC
Leader of Ragnarok (2nd)
Basic Information
Founded March 9, 2017
Color Black
National Statistics
Government Type Dictatorship.png Dictatorship
Social Policies Moderate.png Moderate
Economic Policies Extreme Left.png Extreme Left
Economy Capitalist.png Capitalist
Pollution 509 points
Currency Euro
GDP $2,637,510,200.36
Civilians 1,206,113
Area 13,440 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 89.74 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Polish Imperial Armed Forces
Nation Rank #1,292
Score 1,405.00
Infantry 0
Tanks 4,000
Aircraft 738
Ships 23
Spies Secret
Missiles 1
Nuclear Warheads 0
Stadium: Warsaw Nest
Team: White Eagles
Win/Loss: 2.33
Investment $1,328,500.00
National Capital Warsaw
Other Cities 10

The Polish Empire is a Black nation with a score of 1,400+. The Nation consists of 10 cities and a population of 1,200,000+. The Polish Empire was formed on March 9, 2017. The Nation is currently active. The Polish Empire is the Third Anthonian Republic.


The Polish Empire was formed on March 9, 2017. During that date the nation annexed Kaliningrad. A few days later the Polish Empire joined the alliance Ragnarok. Ragnarok is still accepting applicants. Two to Three days after being invited to Ragnarok and being accepted after finishing Ragnarok University the Polish Empire was given money. The next day the Polish Empire invaded Lithuania, Belarus, and Slovakia. On April 2, 2017; the Polish Empire and its Leader MinesomeMC became Ragnarok's Viceroy of War. On April 14, 2017; the Polish Empire Invaded Germany and took Berlin. On April 16, 2017; the Polish Empire left Ragnarok and created the Golden Phoenix Coalition. It later joined many other alliances and was economically destroyed until rejoining Ragnarok and was funded as it reached mid-teir. In this time the Polish Empire invaded France, the United Kingdom, and Russia.


The Polish Empire was a part of the alliance of Ragnarok and was the Viceroy of War. Ragnarok is a Black alliance located in Europe.

The Polish Empire was the Emperor/leader of the Alliance Golden Phoenix Coalition. Which was a Yellow colored alliance in Europe.

The Polish Empire was one of the Overseers (leaders) of the alliance Vault 111. Which is a blue alliance located in North America. The alliance was made from a merger between the Golden Phoenix Coalition and the Animal Empire.

After a coup, the Polish Empire joined Ironborn. It stayed for a few days until leaving agian.

After leaving Ironborn the Polish Empire joined the alliance Dark Brotherhood. This was due to a promise of a government position when the alliance was still in the making. MinesomeMC become silencer of FA or Foreign Affairs. MinesomeMC remained in the alliance for about a month.

MinesomeMC created the alliance 2nd Golden Phoenix Coalition aka Golden Phoenix Coalition (2nd). This was a Yellow alliance of 9 members with a score of 1k at its peak. It lasted for a month until crashing due to economic issues and raids.

After, MinesomeMC rejoined Ragnarok and remaied as just a member. He would stay for a couple months

MinesomeMC then created the 3rd GPC aka the Greater Golden Phoenix Coalition or Golden Phoenix Coalition (3rd) which lasted 6 months before collapsing due to an economic coup by Pedites Magn.

He moved to Steins;Gate, a reformation of Atlas and Dragonstone. And became IA high gov until the it merged.

After S;G merged into Camelot, MinesomeMC would remain as High Gov IA and his position would shift to Camelot High Gov, however it would fluctuate from High to low to Mid gov.

He then would leave Camelot and form the Second Ragnarok. Which is currently active.


Award Name Award
Founding member of Vault 111
Former Member of Golden Phoenix Coalition
GPC (2).png
Fought in Operation Blackout



Future Projects/Plans

  1. -Build Missiles-
  2. Build Nuclear Weapons
  3. make a successful alliance
  4. make it the most powerful alliance
  5. Become the most powerful nation
  6. Nuke Orbis until all of the radiation points in the world is 100 (started by the bloody war)
  7. Eat food

Alliance Wars

War Name Home Alliance Type Enemy Alliance Result
The Bird Hunt GPC

Golden Phoenix Coalition Flag.png

Defensive Animal Empire
Animal Empire Flag.png
Animal Control Crusade (Support) GPC

Golden Phoenix Coalition Flag.png

Offensive Support Animal Empire
Animal Empire Flag.png
White Peace / Support ends
Operation Blackout

Vault 111

Vault 111 Flag.png



Germanische Imperiale Ordnung Flag.png

Ask Alexio Ragnarok
Ragnarok Flag.png
Offensive The Underground

The Underground Flag.png

Avalonche Ragnarok
Ragnarok Flag.png
Defensive Camelot


Micro Management Ragnarok

Ragnarok Flag.png

Defensive BRICS

BRICS Flag.png

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