Overview Edit


Policies (or National Policies) are a role-playing mechanic.

There are two kinds of National Policies: "Social Policies " and "Economic Policies". Each of these has an overal rating displayed on your nation page based on your answers to an in-game questionare.

Neither kind of policies has any impact on your nation mechanically, so there is no 'best' setting. The default value for both policies is "Moderate".

The Questionnaire Edit

In order to define your social and economic policies ratings, you have to answer to questions related to:

Cannabis, Mandatory Service, Capital Punishment, Secondary Education, Prohibition, Energy, Assisted Suicide, Same-Sex Marriage, Unions, Campaign Finance, Speech, Hard Drugs, Spending, Infant Circumcision, Immigration, Gun Rights, Religion, Healthcare, Polygamist Marriage, Taxes, Torture, Abortion, Welfare.

Once you select your answers and submit them, a quick calculation is made to determine your social and economic policies. No information about your answers is stored, so neither you or anybody else is able to see your answers. If you fill out the answers and still have "Moderate" Social and Economic Policies, it's because your answers determined your nation has moderate policies. Your answers to the questions are not displayed publicly. Only the overall result of your survey is shown on your nation page.

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