This alliance has disbanded as of April 2014. (Note: Ongoing inactivity resulting from VoC)

Poison Clan Flag.png
The Flag of Poison Clan
Basic Details
Founded December 12th, 2013
Headquarters Asia
Color Brown
Status Disbanded, Defunct
Dark Lord LordNettles
Archbishop Henrik Hanssen
Cardinals Duderonomy

Poison Clan was an autocratic alliance headquartered in Asia. It was founded December 12th 2013, by the Dark Lord LordNettles. The motto of Poison Clan was "Friends > Infrastructure".

Downfall of Poison Clan

Prior to the great Poison Clan - United Purple Nations War of Febuary 2014, Poison Clan was a mighty, active alliance. This war was a huge loss for Poison Clan, and left many of its member in shambles. Many members went MIA after the disaster and were never seen again.

From then on, Poison Clan was never the same. Although many members had gone AWOL, they pushed on until April 2014, but were ultimatley stopped in their tracks by  Vereenidge Oost-Indische Compagnie  (VoC), who was growing more and more powerful.

VoC and its puppet states felt that Poison Clan wasn't a real alliance anymore, and declared them valid targets for raiding. And began the beginning of the end for Poison Clan. VoC started off by raiding inactive members, but then began to attack active members as well.

During the war with VoC, several members of Poison Clan fled to other alliances such as United Purple Nation. This left Poison Clan even weaker. The remaining members of Poison Clan fought on valiantly but were ultimately cut down. Some members, such as Duderonomy and King George, burnt everything in their nations down to stop VoC from looting anything. Several of the final remaining members, including Abshire of acadiana, went rogue on the raiders, punishing their lower-tier and forcing a few to leave or quit. And so Poison Clan died in late April, 2014. "Friends > Infrastructure, RIP in Peace." Goodnight, sweet Poison Clan.

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