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Green Protection Agency Nuclear Flag.png
GPA's Flag (Nuked)
Date 31 May - 8 June 2016
Casus belli To hold GPA infra hostage for ransom
Desire for higher nuke stats
Removal of GPA from #1 spot
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Steve's War
Succeeded by
NPO's First Time ♥
Nuclear Knights Flag.png
Nuclear Knights
Green Protection Agency Flag.png
Green Protection Agency

Nuclear Knights Flag.png Apeman

Green Protection Agency Flag.png Oberstein

11 nations
26,000 score
265 nuclear weapons
124 nations
242,000 score
Casualties and losses
$2.65 billion in infra $9.54 billion in infra

Pixelgeddon, also known as the Green Winter War, began on May 31 when the 11 members of the Nuclear Knights declared war on the Green Protection Agency. NK withheld attacks and demanded an extortion payment of $1.5B to avert nuclear war. This is the first instance of Nuclear Extortion at the alliance level in the history of PW.


On April 22, the Nuclear Knights announced that they were ending all treaties and becoming a paperless alliance. Shortly thereafter, some members of NK began stockpiling nuclear weapons, buying them nonstop throughout the month of May. On May 19, many NK members departed for Valyria, an alliance created by former Defense Warmaster General Morgan. Only 11 members remained, but the remaining possessed 265 nuclear weapons between them.


On May 31, the Nuclear Knights silently attacked the game's top scoring alliance, the neutral Green Protection Agency, filling up the war slots of their largest nations. No military attacks were made for several hours as the Nuclear Knights demanded a $1.5 billion payment in exchange for a cease fire. The GPA refused, and began to attack the Nuclear Knights. The next morning NK officially declared war, claiming to be happy to fight, citing nuke stats and the removal of GPA from the #1 spot.

The GPA was able to quickly destroy the Nuclear Knights' infrastructure and conventional forces over the next few days, but they could not stop NK from launching most of their nuclear stockpile at expensive GPA infrastructure, doing a huge and disproportionate amount of damage.

Within a week NK had launched all of their nukes, and had no more infrastructure or military. They questioned whether GPA would begin an indefinite military siege against NK, or accept a peace. Debate ensued about what GPA ought to do given their policy of neutrality. Most believed The GPA was well within their right to continue the war into round two as retaliation for their losses. Others wanted to roll them because of game mechanics and a feeling that neutrality has no place within the game.

On 8 June, NK announced a white peace, which was brokered by the respective governments of both alliances.


1 June 2016 - The Great Ape Escape begins as the Nuclear Knights officially declare war on GPA

8 June 2016 - The GPA and Nuclear Knights agreed to peace, ending all hostilities between both alliances

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