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Pirate Sort War
Date 30 January - early February 2015
Casus belli USA attempting to build coalition against Arrgh
Result White Peace; USA disbands
Preceded by
FSA-tS War
Succeeded by
Missile Danger War
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United Sort Alliance

Arrgh Flag.png Ogaden

Placeholder Flag.png Prez Khan

42 members
5,893.04 score
25 members
2,442.22 score

The Pirate Sort War was a conflict that began on the 30 January 2015 when Arrgh declared war on the United Sort Alliance for attempting to gather a coalition against them. Two days prior to the war the USA posted a public condemnation of Arrgh due to one of their nations being raided. USA, which was formed as a splinter of the Frontier Sort Alliance was unpopular due to the FSA-tS War which occured in the previous week thus many hailed Arrgh's attacks on the USA. After warring for a short time, Arrgh ceased attacks and USA eventually collapsed like the FSA.

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