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Phoenix Food Raids
Date 18 Sept - 09 Oct 2016
Casus belli Global Food Shortage
Result Phoenix merges into Roz Wei
Preceded by
4th GCB-GOS War
Succeeded by
TEst-TFP War

Arrgh Flag.png

Minor Involvement

Blue Moon Flag.png
Blue Moon
Valyria Flag.png

Phoenix Second Flag.jpg
54 nations
61,282 score
24 nations
30,901 score

The Phoenix Food Raids was a conflict which began on 18 September 2016 when nations of Arrgh! began raiding Phoenix nation food stocks due to the global food shortage caused by the radioactive fallout of the Silent War.


As the phoenix is known to be an immortal bird which is reborn each time it perishes, nations of Arrgh! believed that Phoenix would be a source of limitless constantly re-generating food and began raiding their food stocks. Phoenix nations began countering the raids as they began causing various skirmishes between members of both alliances.


No official declaration of war or recognition of the conflict by either side's leadership has occurred. By the end of the conflict, Arrgh! had launched 92 wars on Phoenix nations while Phoenix had launched 22 wars against Arrgh! nations. On October 9, it was announced that Phoenix was merging into Roz Wei effectively ending the conflict. Other then Arrgh, throughout the timeline of the conflict Blue Moon also launched 7 raids against Phoenix while Valyria launched 6.