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This alliance was annexed into Roz Wei on October 9, 2016.  More information is available here.


Phoenix Second Flag.jpg
Flag of Phoenix

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Basic Details
Founded September 9, 2015
Headquarters Europe
Color Red
Status Merged with Roz Wei
Secretary General Jumin
Secretary Vassili Dovgan
Minister of Military Affairs Stefan Thorne
As of September 14, 2016
Total Nations 24
Score 35,338.70
Average Score 1,472.45
Alliance Rank 27
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

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The Grand Alliance of Phoenix was founded by High Lord Young and Allilee on the 9th of September 2015, after the two split from Cobalt. Young (who had wanted to go for a long time) and Allilee, (who left due to miscommunication within Cobalt's government) founded The New Wei Kingdom, which was later renamed to Phoenix.


The former flag of Phoenix

After the initial event, Raghav, Stadius, and Luke the 13th joined them and formed the Phoenix alliance.

Phoenix eventually became a protectorate of Rose.

High Lord Young eventually left Phoenix along with many other members create Valkyrie with Allilee taking a more ceremonial role as he was transitioning to another alliance and had some life events concurrently occurring. During this time. Jumin was appointed his successor.

After NPO's First Time ♥ Phoenix was subsequently defeated and surrendered to Roz Wei with the conditions that it would abollish all treaties with any other alliances and become a protectorate of Roz Wei for 60 days. When the time period expired, Phoenix would be free to pursue its own destiny.

During the protectorate phase under Roz Wei, a coup was attempted by Klemens Hawicki, a minister at the time to seize power from Jumin. This attempt failed and along with him he left with a few other members to form the Vermillion Entente. The civil war lasted only a week and a half due to Roz Wei's intervention.

During its existence, Phoenix sought to avoid involvement in any foreign relations with the intent to remain neutral in any current conflicts. However, this move left the alliance vulnerable to attack from raiders.

During the nuclear holocaust of the Silent War, food supplies reach an all-time low in Orbis. This eventually lead to Arrgh! attacking the alliance attempting to steal their food supplies. This lead to irreversible damage to the alliance, eventually forcing Phoenix to the merge into Roz Wei.