Pexit - A Walk Through London

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Treaty Type: MnDoAP
Treaty Signed: November 22, 2016
Treaty Terminated: August 22, 2017
Treaty Status: Defunct

Pexit - A Walk Through London is a Mutual Non-Chaining Defense and Optional Aggression Pact signed between Polaris and the United Purple Nations on November 22, 2016.


Twas a cold winter evening in the city of London. The enormous yet isolated metropolis lit brightly in sharp contrast to the dark, tense and brutal world. Polaris sat at No10, still trying to find a better definition than "Brexit means Brexit" explaining what she was about to do.

She quietly shut the door behind her leaving her office, she walked and walked until she reached a ledge full of snow and stood there. She looked up and saw something that she had seen before; the soft, illuminating purple glow in the sky. She gazed, remembering...

She turned, momentarily forgetting the struggles of Orbis, feeling strong once again! She turned to face UPN.

"Do think we can fix this all?" UPN asked, "We can stay together, as allies, as friends."

"I wish so, but the people have spoken." She explained.

"The people may have wanted Brexit, but we never said what Brexit meant."

Article I

"We should still talk at the very least, we'll look out for each other and keep each other up-to-date - we won't hide anything."

Article II

Polaris nodded, "We'll never fight each other, we'll talk when things become difficult, and we will do so with respect."

Article III

UPN broke the silence again, "And maybe we'll join forces once again, we'll always seek to defend each other, but we won't drag each other off to wars in far off places which we know little about." Big Ben sounded, cutting the pair momentarily as they thought of the good, the bad, the memories of their friendship.

Article IV

"But maybe, while we don't have to" - Polaris struggled to find the words, "we could choose to help as friends", UPN completed the sentence.

Article... 50?

"I'm glad we could work this out", Polaris smiled as she remembered the beginning of their mutual friendship, "and if we ever want to change things, we must tell each other three days in advance."


Signed for Polaris

Almighty Grub - Emperor
EaTeM - Regent
Alexia - Minister of Truth
Kreigskoenig - Minister of Peace
WSxPhoenix - Minister of Love
Dendarii - Minster of Plenty

Signed for United Purple Nations

Pangui - Consul
underlordgc - Magister Equitum

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