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Party in the Pantheon
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date December 20th, 2020 - December 30th, 2020
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Succeeded by
The NAPpening

Terminal Jest Flag 2.jpg
Terminal Jest
Arrgh Flag.png
No Pixel Order Flag.jpg
No Pixel Order
Black Skies.jpg
Black Skies

The Golden Horde Flag 2.png
The Golden Horde

Pantheon Flag 2.png
Atlantian Council Flag 2.png
Atlantian Council
Compass Flag.png
The North Western South Region of the Far East
Screenshot 20200923-204309.jpeg


Terminal Jest Flag 2.jpg Boyce the Great
Arrgh Flag.png Roberts
No Pixel Order Flag.jpg Isjaki
No Pixel Order Flag.jpg Hidude45454
Black Skies.jpg John Zoidberg
The Golden Horde Flag 2.png Buorhann

Pantheon Flag 2.png Ichigo Kurosaki
Atlantian Council Flag 2.png Rockychososo
Atlantian Council Flag 2.png Sonata Pizzicato
Atlantian Council Flag 2.png Beans
Atlantian Council Flag 2.png Karen theEnlightened
Compass Flag.png Tristen
Screenshot 20200923-204309.jpeg Agent Crew

Party in the Pantheon (also known as Raidmas) was a conflict which started on 20 December 2020 when Terminal Jest and Arrgh declared war on Pantheon.


20 December 2020

21 December 2020

31 December 2020