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Parliament of Albertan is the official name of the Government. Led by Prime Minister Jack Harper.  The Type of Government is Constitutional Monarcay. 


Parliament of Albertan is the official name of the Government. United States of Albertan has House of Commons and Senate:

  • Senate: 50 seats, no need for majority
  • House of Commons: 100 seats, need to majority is 25 seats, any under 20 is opposition, between 20-25 is Minority.

Monarchy of Albertan:

King of Albertan: Charles V 2043-

Governor Genreal: John West 2043-

Prime Minister: Jack Sheamus Harper 2043-

Federal Council

House of Commons

Speaker of the House of Commons: John Harper (NDP)- East Albertan Riding- MP

Liberals: Greg Fast (20 seats) Minority/Opposition

Conservatives: Jack Harper (50 seats) Majority/Government

NDP: James Danger (16 seats) Opposition

Green: John Harper (14 seats) Oppostion


Speaker of the Senate: John Barr (C)- West Albertan

Liberals: 12 

Conservative: 25

Green: 12

NDP: 1


Bold is Current Head of State.

Underlined is cabinet members.

Italics is opposition Members.

Titles in Parliament

MP: Member of Parliament

PC: Privy Council of Prime Minister

List of MPs:

Name of MP| Party| Riding| Term| Other Jobs|

  • Jack S. Harper| Conservative| West Albertan| 2043- | Leader of Albertan, Leader of Conservatives, Cabinet|
  • John Harper| Green| East Albertan| 2043- | Leader of Green Party, Speaker of House, Cabinet| 
  • Greg Fast| Liberals| North Albertan| 2043- | Leader of Liberal Party,Cabinet, Leader of Oppostion| 
  • James Danger| South Albertan| 2043- | Leader of NDP, Cabinet| 

List of Prime Ministers of Albertan

We only have one so far.

Number of PM| Name | DOB | DOD (age) | Term | Notes | Party | Elections|

1 | Jack Sheamus Harper | 1989/05/05 | | 2043- | First PM | Conservatives | 2043, |

List of Major Bills:

Noble Events

  • Minister of Finance has resigned of leak classifed information of his affair.