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Parallax Raid War
Date 30 Aug - 02 Sep 2016
Casus belli Parallax raids on the Old Guard
Result Parallax disbands and merges into the The 13th Legion
Preceded by
Stop Online Piracy Act
Succeeded by
Silent War
Arrgh Flag.png

The Old Guard Flag.png
The Old Guard

Parallax Flag.jpg
Parallax International

Arrgh Flag.png Ogaden
The Old Guard Flag.png Jack

Parallax Flag.jpg Dean Monroe

57 nations
48,138 score
25 nations
21,801 score

The Parallax Raid War was a conflict which began on 30 August 2016 when Arrgh declared war on Parallax International for their raiding of the Old Guard, who had a contract with Arrgh for protection. It ended around September 2nd when Parallax International decided to disband and merge into The 13th Legion.


Parallax nations launched raids on the Old Guard on August 17th, 18th, and 20th. Arrgh nations countered each of these raiders in defense of the Old Guard. In retaliation Parallax began declaring war on Arrgh nations as well and later another war on an Old Guard nation. After continuing escalation, Arrgh decided to recognize hostilities with Parallax International.

Both the Old Guard and Parallax International are protectorates of the Seven Kingdoms. Parallax also maintains a mutual defense pact with the Terran Republic while the Old Guard maintains a mutual defense and optional aggression pact with the Light Federation in addition to a protection contract with Arrgh.

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