Pantheon-ROK PIAT

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Ragnarok (1st)
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Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: 2018
Treaty Cancelled: 2018
Treaty Status: Cancelled
Pantheon-ROK PIAT was a PIAT signed between Pantheon and Ragnarok.

Preamble Edit

The Mighty Vikings of Ragnarok and the Great Gods and Goddesses of Pantheon have come together in this sacred pact of a Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty. In the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

Article I: Peace Edit

The signatories of this treaty agree not to conduct any acts of warfare, espionage, or any other acts of violence against the other. If this happens, the signatories have the right to request reparations.

Article II: Intelligence Edit

In the event that one signatory gains intelligence on the other that could be vital to their security, they are obligated to share that intelligence with the other party.

Article III: Aid Edit

At any time, a signatory of this treaty may ask for aid of any kind from the other. Although the other signatory has the option to refuse the aid, it is recommended that they accept the request

Article IV: Termination Edit

At any time, any signatory may cancel this treaty for any reason. If this happens, the signatory that wishes to leave must give the other signatory thirty-six hours notice of the cancellation.

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