Pantheon-Phoenix Econ ODP

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Phoenix Flag

Treaty Type: Econ ODP
Treaty Signed: Oct 2015
Treaty Terminated: 2016
Treaty Status: Defunct
Pantheon-Phoenix Econ ODP was an Econ ODP signed between Pantheon and Phoenix.

Treaty Terms Edit

Upon the signing of this treaty, both signatories will be bound to the following agreements:

  1. A relationship of cordiality will maintained with one another.
  2. The banks and nations of both alliances will freely market and exchange their goods and services, including loans, to all nations within both alliances.
  3. Both parties will maintain a market sharing agreement with one another.
  4. Both parties will enforce all loans and contracts issued between the nations and banks of both alliances insofar as these loans and contracts are created transparently, in good faith and in accordance with the laws of both alliances.
  5. Both alliances' governments will seek to ensure that trade and exchange of loans occurs under quid pro quo conditions.
  6. In the event that a nation of either of the two alliances fails to pay a legal and transparent debt to the other alliance or to the bank of the other alliance or to a nation of the other alliance, the alliance of the actor who remains in debt will be held accountable for that debt.
  7. Either alliance may call upon the other to provide military assistance whilst engaged in a defensive war. The alliance called upon is under no obligation to provide such assistance and will not suffer any political or economic penalty if it chooses not to.

Signatures Edit

Signed for Pantheon:

  • Fistandantilus - Ares, Olympian of Defence
  • Printer635 - Apollo, Olympian of Foreign Affairs
  • Don Juan - Zeus, Olympian of Internal Affairs

Signed for New Wei:

  • Allilee
  • Luke the 13th
  • Young
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