P&W: Imperator

The Covenant
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Electric Space
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Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: May 1, 2019
Treaty Terminated: October 25, 2019
Treaty Status: Defunct

P&W: Imperator was a Mutual Defense Pact between The Covenant and Electric Space. It was signed on May 1, 2019. The treaty became defunct with the disbandment of Electric Space on October 25, 2019.

Article I: Barbarians Aren't Fun, Just Annoying Edit

Both parties agree to not fight each other and focus on building up the civilization level until the hordes stop spawning.

Article II: Why is Everyone Guaranteeing Macedonia? Edit

Both parties agree to share information from their reconnaissance fleets in the Aegean in case those Hellenic bastards try something funny.

Article III: Does Rome Get Claims on Everyone? Edit

Both Parties agree to join a defensive league in order to stop this OP expansion bullshit.

Article IV: Phygsplosion Edit

If a party decides to cancel the other party will have 72 hours to conquer Corinth before the treaty collapses.

Signatures Edit

Signed for Electric Space Edit

Leader: Supercheese
Commander: Jordan Dee

Akasha Von Draculea
Balam Allah
Thomas Inneall

Signed For The Covenant Edit

Signed for the United Purple Nations Edit

Prime Minister: Matt2004
Chief of Staff: Malal

CoE: Jared95
Minister of Defence: SealTeam6
Foreign Secretary: Malal
Home Secretary: Noreen

Signed for The Commonwealth Edit

Prime Minister: Sphinx
Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui

Minister of Finance: ChristianD
Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui
Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar

Deputy Ministers of Finance: Edgeworth, Haris
Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs: Rueben, RightHono(u)rable, Xea Evangelos
Deputy Minister of Defense: Pericles
Advisors: Kalev60, Who Me, Aesir, Julian (Minion Aficionado)

Signed for Frontier Records Edit

Board of Directors: Alexio and DemonSpawn

Manager of Human Resources: Lucifer Morningstar
Managers of Public Relations: Fulcrum and Nick McScott
Manager of Security: Luviel
Manager of Finance: Wood

Signed for Acadia Edit

Directors: TheNG and George Clooney

Resident Ministers: Acey, Amand Kosh, and Curtis Lowe

Senior Colonists: Stampy, J D Keller, Josh of Clan Mason, ColoringNick, and Pitabread

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