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Revolutionaries Vs Revisionist
Part of the Micro Alliance Wars
Other War.png
Date October 20th, 2015 - November 19th, 2015
Casus belli Continued attacks from UPN protectorates
Status White peace

Socialist Workers Front Flag.jpg
Socialist Workers Front
Odd Squad Flag.jpg
Odd Squad
The Evenstar Empire Flag.png
The Evenstar Empire
Vargen Institution Flag.png
Vargen Institution
United Purple Nations Flag.png
United Purple Nations

International Revolution Flag.png
International Revolution
Mensa HQ Flag.jpg
Mensa HQ
[ co-belligerents]


Socialist Workers Front Flag.jpg Vassili Dovgan
 SurrenderedOdd Squad Flag.jpg Ashwyn Traverse
 SurrenderedOdd Squad Flag.jpg Katerina
 SurrenderedThe Evenstar Empire Flag.png Thalmor
 SurrenderedVargen Institution Flag.png Chris

International Revolution Flag.pngKyoko
International Revolution Flag.pngSam Boga
International Revolution Flag.pngXenodolf
Mensa HQ Flag.jpg Pfeiffer

The Other War was a conflict that began on 19 October 2015 when International Revolution declared on the UPN due to continued attacks from their protectorates The Evenstar Empire and Odd Squad. It occurred concurrently to the global conflict known as Oktoberfest.


The Socialist Worker's front, having planned for a war on IR as far back as a month, decided that now would be the time to declare war on International Revolution.

While Mensa HQ never officially declared war on UPN it was brought to the International Stage that Mensa HQ were attacking UPN protectorates a few days later SWF and Odd Squad surrenders to Mensa HQ, Odd Squad adopts Dioism and cuts ties with UPN.

Since there was no formal declaration from Vargen Institution or International Revolution upon each other the conflict has since resulted in a ceasefire due to VI declaring on UPN.

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  • October, 19th 2015 - International Revolution declares war on the UPN
  • October, 20th 2015 - SWF declares war on International Revolution
  • October, 22nd 2015 - Odd Squad declares war on International Revolution
  • October, 22nd 2015 - Vargen Institution declares war on the UPN
  • October, 23rd 2015 - SWF and OddSquad surrenders to Mensa HQ
  • October, 23rd 2015 - International Revolution and Odd Squad agree to White Peace
  • International Revolution and UPN agree to white peace

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