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This alliance or a majority of its members reformed it as Prima Victoria, which later merged to form Sunray Victoria, on 15 January 2021.

Ordo Draconis (OD)

OD flag.png
Flag of Ordo Draconis (OD)

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Basic Details
Founded 18 April 2020
Color Red
Status Defunct
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  • Geralt (Morgan) [King]
  • Thomas [Viceroy]
Elder Lords

  • Ian Smith (Project 11)
  • Lord Frostsword
Lord Ministers

  • Duck [Econ]
  • Thomas [MilCom]
  • BowShot [IA]
  • Namukara [FA]
As of 21 July 2020
Total Nations 35
Score 79,701.74
Average Score 2,277.19
Alliance Rank #41
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector The Commonwealth
MDoAP Aurora
MDoAP Terminus Est (3rd)
ODoAP Carthago
Protectorate The Bushrangers

Ordo Draconis (OD) was a dragon-themed alliance based of the religion of the 11. The alliance was made up of former members of the Terran Republic and both Brotherhood of the Clouds (1st) and Brotherhood of the Clouds (2nd).

Disbandment & Coup

The alliance would begin disbanding due to Morgan's disbelief that the alliance could continue and succeed. This prompted Project 11 to coup the alliance in attempt to retain the alliance and save it from disbanding. However, due to being banned from the discord for couping the alliance, the alliance would continue to fall apart. This would result in Project 11 taking the remainings of the bank and joining Golden Phoenix Coalition (5th).

Prima Victoria

Morgan would alter return the game alongside some former Ordo Draconis members and plan to reform the alliance with his Terra Nova Gaming community. The alliance originally was planned to be Terra Nova, and was being planned to be formed in March of 2021. However, Golden Phoenix Coalition (5th) which had Project 11 and still had ties to old Ordo Draconis and Brotherhood of the Cloud members agreed to join up with Terra Nova. They would merge their communities and form Prima Victoria in Janaury 2021.

Morgan would go inactive pretty early on in Prima Victoria's existence, similiar to what happened in Ordo Draconis. However, unlike Ordo Draconis, the alliance would still be led by MinesomeMC and would not disband. Reaching its peak score of near 50k before its merger with Sunray 1-1 to form Sunray Victoria.