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Order of the White Rose

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Basic Details
Founded March 20th 2016
Headquarters Europe
Color Olive
Status Active
Prime Sval
Legate of Foreign Affairs Kamade
Legate of Economics Karl XVIII
Legate of Internal Affairs Kabu
Legate of Defence N/A
Proconsul of Potatoes Axios
Proconsul of Tacos Qora
Proconsul of Lettuce Bulbasaursucks
Proconsul of Awesome Luis
Proconsul of Cheddar Bendigeidfran
As of 5th November 2021
Total Nations 48
Score 162k+
Average Score 3,785.94
Alliance Rank 25
Active Blocs
MDoAP Nexus
Active Treaties
MDoAP Carthago
MDoAP The Syndicate
MDoAP House Stark
MDoAP The Legion

The Order of the White Rose is an alliance on the olive sphere, founded on 20th March 2016. It was formerly a member of The Vanguard Bloc, prior to that a member of Spectrum Bloc.

OWR has a number of active pacts, including a MDoAP with their Nexus allies Carthago and House Stark as well as a MDoAP with The Syndicate and The Legion.

The Government of OWR

Government structure

OWR is a full dictatorship under the Prime. It is made up of a council which advises the Prime on his rule.

Leadership Ranks


The Prime has absolute authority over the alliance and its governance. His/Her word is law and it carries more weight that any other entity in the alliance including the charter.


Legates are departmental heads of the alliances. Only a step below from the Prime, they hold free reign over their departments and can run their departments as they wish. Each Legate holds a seat on the OWR Council.


The Proconsul is an advisory role. The Proconsul does not affiliate with any departments and are there only to advise the Council and the Prime. The Proconsul holds a seat on the OWR Council.

Further positions

The lower OWR government is made up of Vicarii - departmental deputies of Legates that are appointed by the Legates for their departments if they so wish. They are the Legates' second in command and usually work closely with their Legates to manage other staff and general duties.


The basic membership of OWR members. Kith have passed their Academy lessons and tests, becoming full-fledged members of OWR and viable for city grants and loans. Kith may also take up membership in one or several departments to help out the Vicarii and their Legate. Kith may, if they so desire, partake in every Department. However the Council has warned against overworking themselves. All in all, Kith make up the majority of membership in OWR and are the life-blood of the alliance.


Timeline of Events

Former Blocs