Order in Azeroth

New Pacific Order
New Pacific Order Flag
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Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: December 2, 2016
Treaty Status: Defunct

Order in Azeroth was a Mutual Defense Pact signed between New Pacific Order and Lordaeron on December 2, 2016.

New Pacific Order and Lordaeron (hereby referred to as “The Signatories”) agree to this Mutual Defense Pact in order to safeguard the interests of Pacifica and Azeroth. The Signatories agree to handle any border skirmishes in private.

Article I: Mob Tracking

Each signatory shall keep the other abreast of developments pertinent to the other's security.

Article II: Defense Against The Horde

If either signatory comes under direct attack, the other must be ready to provide military assistance if it is requested.

Article III: Helping Other Races

If either signatory enters a war via an extraneous treaty, military assistance is optional.

Article IV: Server Reset Time

Recognizing that not all places in Azeroth or Pacifica are safe and every undertaking is never assured, both Signatories retain the right to end this pact at any time they see fit. Such cancellation will take effect 72 hours after a Signatory provides notice of intent to cancel to the other Signatory.


Signed for New Pacific Order

Emperor: Roquentin
Regent: Lord of Darkness
Imperial Officers of Foreign Affairs: ComradeMilton
Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs: Auctor
Imperial Officer of Military Affairs: Prince Henry

Signed for Lordaeron

High King: Kylo Ren
Crown Prince: Ebeezy
Ebeezy's Servant: Kelson
Duke: JamesXVI
Paladin of War: Solaire
Paladin of Foreign Affairs: Britishdude
Paladin of Economics: Talerong

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