This page presents the cosmology the P&W community built around Orbis, the world on which the ongoing political and military struggles documented on Politics and War occur.

Important Orbis Events Edit

  • Baa-ism is created
  • The world's infrastructure is obliterated and time goes into a rapid acceleration
  • Time slows and the deceleration causes catastrophic natural disasters
  • New nations are formed based on old alliances
  • Old artifacts are rediscovered thanks to the digital archives
  • The re-birth of Baa-ism occurs

Beginnings Edit

The beginnings of Orbis are argued over and no clear explanation has been given on its creation. Sheepy died in this incident.

Scientific explanation Edit

Many Orbis scientists have created the Script Theory, stating that a force known as "Sheepy" created a script which began Orbis as a single-method class.

Religious Explanation Edit

Many religious officials have made claims of its creation but no agreement has been met. Debate on the matter is detailed from new accounts on the matter. Included creators are the "Great Goat" and "Sheepy".

"Orbis was created long ago by the Great Goat, vile heretics following the devil sheep usurped his power and claimed it for themselves."

"Orbis is the product of the Great Shepherd, Sheepy. According to Baa-ism he created it to form greener pastures. That is all you need to know. Don't ask questions because questions lead to heretical thought and you know what we do to heretics? We kill them dead."

"Sheepy is God of Orbis. Anyone who says otherwise is enemy of the state."

"Do not believe anything the goat men tell you. They lie and decieve and their god is false. Baa-ism is an established religion outliving a game and thriving in another. It is the one true faith!"
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