This alliance has disbanded as of 25 April 2020. More information is available here.

Orange Defense Network

Orange Defense Network Flag
Flag of Orange Defense Network

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Basic Details
Founded March 7, 2017
Headquarters Europe
Color Orange
Status Defunct
Chancellor OsRavan
Vice Chancellor Franziskaner
Minister of War Leebster
Minister of Economics Hershicus
Minister of Foreign Affairs ShiningLioness
Ombudsman Kestral
As of April 15, 2019
Total Nations 24
Score 60000+
Average Score 2500+
Alliance Rank 47
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The Orange Defense Network (ODN) was a small orange team alliance founded on March 7, 2017. It officially declared its existence on March 13, 2017. It was a MDP partner of the New Pacific Order and a protectorate of The Ampersand.

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