Operation Sand and Blood
Canadian Special Operations Regiment
Date December 15 - December 17
Casus belli Unprovoked Aggression
Status Britannian and Allies Victory (Ended)
Holy Britannian Empire Flag The Holy Britannian Empire
Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag Fury Road

Black Knights Flag Black Knights
Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag Brotherhood of the Clouds

Taliban Flag Islamic State of Arabia

International Revolution Flag International Revolution


Holy Britannian Empire Flag Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia
Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag Immortan Joe

Taliban Flag Caliphate Abu Haddad

28,000 soldiers
2,300 tanks
316 aircraft (Britannian Forces)

35,000 soldiers
140 tanks
109 aircraft
29 ships (Immortan Joe)

40,000 soldiers
320 aircraft
4 ships
Casualties and losses
(Britannian Forces)

0 Infrastructure
4,486 Soldiers
47 Tanks
15 aircraft

(Furry Road Forces)

143 infrastructure
22,000 soldiers
232 tanks
137 aircraft
13 ships

350 Infrastructure
50,000 soldiers
0 Tanks
170 aircraft
4 Ships

News Report of the War Edit

Islamic State of Arabia Declares war Against Holy Britannian Empire! Edit

On March 11, 1999 (Orbis date) or December 15, 2015 war was Declared upon The Holy Britannian Empire. The Islamic State of Arabia issued war against the Britannians which was unprovoked aggression, upon the Empire.

Tensions had been rising of the last few days over an embargo placed upon Arabia because the leader Abu Haddad had insulted Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia, today the Arabs declared war.

The Holy Britannian Empire is mobilizing its forces in Pendragon and across the homeland to combat the enemy forces.

May God deliver the Britannian forces victory over the Arabians.

Arabia: https://politicsandw...nation/id=19908

Holy Britannian Empire: https://politicsandw...nation/id=17362

Cause Edit

While chatting OOC Abu Haddad and Lelouch Vi Britannia had been verbally fighting over the topic of Islam. After Abu Haddad called Lelouch an "apostate" (Traitor to the faith, Disbeliever) Lelouch responded with an Embargo.

The Holy Britannian Empire was also accused of espionage and after denying it the Leader of Arabia Abu Haddad once again insulted the Empire as a whole

Thus Arabia declared war upon The Holy Britannian Empire.

Events during the War Edit

Holy Britannian Forces executed a ground assault against Arabia killing an estimated 12 thousand soldiers at the cost of 3 thousand soldiers and 40 tanks.

Holy Britannian Forces followed up with a airstrike on enemy ships to prevent a blockade and also managed to fight off enemy aircraft destroying 40 planes and 4 ships at the cost of 11 planes.

Soon after Emperor Lelouch contacted Immortan Joe for support against Arabia since he was being attacked by Arabia as well.

The Empire has been offered assistance from the Black Knights but the Empire has not accepted any help. On the BoC side, it is uncertain.

The Fury Road executed a blockade upon Arabia as per the Empire's request. With sea under Fury Road control and the land/air under Britannian control the war seems to be one-sided now.

Holy Britannian Forces executed another ground assault against Arabia killing 10 thousand soldiers at the cost of 2 thousand Britannian Soldiers and 18 tanks.

Holy Britannian Forces execute a dog fight eliminating 40 enemy planes with 0 losses

Holy Britannian Forces execute a ground attack, with no enemy forces the Holy Britannian Forces have now set siege to the enemy capital of Mosul

On April 2nd, 1999 (Orbis Date) or December 17 The Holy Britannian Empire Flag was flown over the capital of Arabia in Mosul. Thus ending the conflict with Britannians, allies however arrived at the capital at around April 8th 1999 (Orbis Date) December 17.

Victory for the Britannians

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