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Operation Blackout
Date May 24 - May 26, 2017
Casus belli Catsby slandering GIO, and trying to poach members of GIO
Status Vault 111 Victory
Preceded by
Second Arrgh-Spectrum War
The Trail of Tiers
Succeeded by
Britannian Radiant Crusade

Germanische Imperiale Ordnung Flag.png
Germanische Imperiale Ordung

Vault 111 Flag.png
Vault 111
Trinidad and Tobago Flag.png
Bayonet Alliance

Arrgh Red Flag.png Arrgh


Germanische Imperiale Ordnung Flag.png Commissar Justin
Germanische Imperiale Ordnung Flag.png Nord

Vault 111 Flag.png Catsby
Vault 111 Flag.png MinesomeMC
Vault 111 Flag.png Alexander XIV
Vault 111 Flag.png Whiskers
Trinidad and Tobago Flag.png Naaro Thearson
Arrgh Red Flag.png Dantes

16 nations
5,300 score
Vault 111 & Allies:
26 nations
10,447.15 score

Operation Blackout began on May 24th, 2017, when Germanische Imperiale Ordung declared war on Vault 111.


On May 23, 2017, The Bloc Death remnants that were moving over to Germanische Imperiale Ordnung were reporting that Catsby had tried to poach them, in exchange for anywhere from $50,000 to $300,000. Upon hearing this, GIO responded with raising their DEFCON to 1, and then MIDNIGHT.



On March 24, 2017, GIO responded, but this time, with a blitz to Vault 111 government members. A few minutes after the blitz, GIO posted an official declaration of war against Vault 111

Approximately 12hrs later GIO reached a peace agreement with Vault 111 to end hostilities . The following day GIO violated the peace agreement and begin attacking Vault 111 again, Vault 111 than recognized the hostilities and retaliated.

On 05/25/2017 Vault 111 activated the MDP with Bayonet Alliance, and they formally entered the war.

The war came to an abrupt halt and GIA surrendered aprox 12 hours later due to Nord (second in command) deleting his nation and exiting the war. It is believed Nord was the one campaigning to keep the war active

Surrender Terms

Upon surrender GIO agreed to a NAP, that stated GIO may not attack Vault 111, Bayonet Alliance and or Arrgh for the period of 1 year. The terms were to keep the peace between the two alliances and prevent future conflict.