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Operation Bean Sean
Part of the Alliance Wars
Bean Coalition.jpg
Bean Coalition Flag
Date May 20, 2019 - May 24, 2019
Casus belli Sean Anthony's former actions
Result Bean Coalition Victory

Phoenix Rising disbands

Sean Anthony forms 2 alliances in one day

Preceded by
The Great Sock War
Succeeded by
Chaos War

The GPC flag.png
Golden Phoenix Coalition
Brotherhood of the Clouds Peace Flag.png
Brotherhood of the Clouds
Supported by: AK Flag 2.png
Afrika Korps
WK of Hyperborea.jpg
Single Raiders from:

Nova Riata
PR flag.jpg
Phoenix Rising

The GPC flag.png MinesomeMC
The GPC flag.png King D2
The GPC flag.png Deulos
Brotherhood of the Clouds Peace Flag.png Dusty
Brotherhood of the Clouds Peace Flag.png Doran Martell

PR flag.jpg Sean Anthony
PR flag.jpg Parrish
PR flag.jpg Naruu

Casualties and losses
266 million total damages 2 billion total damages

Operation Bean Sean was a minor Alliance war between the Bean Coalition (Golden Phoenix Coalition, Brotherhood of the Clouds, Afrika Korps, Hyperborea) versus Sean Anthony (Phoenix Rising). The conflict would be fought by GPC and BoC with support from the remaining alliances.


Golden Phoenix Coalition hit Sean Anthony due to bad history with a former alliance he was leading. The former GPC was attacked by, at the time ally, Sean Anthony as a claim of "keeping you in check" as some members of GPC were going inactive. MinesomeMC also had a former feud with Sean Anthony during Avalonche.

Brotherhood of the Clouds attacked Sean Anthony after a former conflict in which at the time Phoenix Rising's protector Afrika Korps countered BoC, preventing BoC from continuing.

Afrika Korps helped in planning the attack, but not getting directly involved supported the conflict as Sean Anthony broke a few agreements causing them to cancel their protectorate treaty.

Hyperborea helped as Shifty had some fued with Naruu and for the memes. However Naruu slots were filled preventing Shifty from entering



266 million total damages on Bean Coalition

  • 55 million taken by GPC
  • 200 million raken by BoC
  • 11 million taken by Nova Riata

2 billion total damages on Phoenix Rising

  • 350 million dealt by GPC
  • 1.65 billion dealt by BoC
  • 25 million dealt by Nova Riata