Operation: Knightfall
Part of Akaatan Civil War
Location Former Je'daii Temple

Betrayal of the Akaatan Infinite Empire by the Imperial Knights

Result Near total destruction of the Order of Imperial Knights, beginning of the Akaatan Civil War
Akaatan Order of Imperial Knights
Alexei Lysenko Hos Zirn
33,000 clones 749 knights
Casualties and losses
3,000 730
Operation: Knightfall is the codename for the operation that destroyed the Order of Imperial Knights. There are many theories as to its execution, some of which are more widely accepted than others. However, there is one thing that is now debated: That the clones were pre-conditioned to follow a certain group of orders which were labeled as "Contingency Orders". Under the command of Sutta Taral, Immortal Master and Protector of the Akaata, the operation signaled the beginning of the Great Purge, in which the entire order was to be destroyed. However, this event did have a side-effect, that was, of course, the beginning of the Akaatan Civil War
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