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Part of the Great Wars
Covenant's invasion of Syndicate HQ
Date 15 October - 7 November 2015
Casus belli Preemptive strike due to bloc rivalry
Status Covenant & allies surrender
Preceded by
Proxy War
Other War
Succeeded by
Christmas Day Raid
The Covenant & Allies

The Covenant Badge
The Covenant

United Purple Nations Flag
United Purple Nations Surrendered
Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag
Brotherhood of the Clouds Surrendered

Dutch East India Company Flag
Dutch East India Company Surrendered

Empire of Spades Flag
Empire of Spades Surrendered
Viridian Entente Flag
Viridian Entente (until 1/11)
Syndicate & Allies

The Syndicate Flag
The Syndicate

Seven Kingdoms Flag
Seven Kingdoms
Terminus Est Flag
Terminus Est
Mensa HQ Flag
Mensa HQ
Utopia Flag

Kings Parliament Flag
The Kings Parliment

Obsidian Order Banner
The Obsidian Order

Black Knights Flag
The Black Knights
The Knights Radiant Flag
The Knights Radiant

InGen Flag

Arrgh Flag

Noir Flag
The Coalition Flag
The Coalition Guardian Flag
Alpha Flag

Vargen Institution Flag
Vargen Institution

United Purple Nations Flag Hansarius Surrendered
Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag Lord Frostsword Surrendered
Dutch East India Company Flag Clarke
Empire of Spades Flag WISD0MTREE Surrendered
Viridian Entente Flag Goldie (until 1/11)

The Syndicate Flag Partisan
Seven Kingdoms Flag Tenages
Terminus Est Flag El Pinchazo
Mensa HQ Flag Pfeiffer
Utopia FlagBaker Harrington
Kings Parliament FlagWilliam Mannax
Black Knights Flag LordStrum
The Knights Radiant Flag Dalinar
InGen Flag Mad Max
Arrgh Flag Ogaden
Noir Flag Jodo
The Coalition Flag Aurelius
Guardian Flag Hodor
Alpha Flag Placentica
Vargen Institution Flag Chris

Casualties and losses
Heavy Medium

Oktoberfest, also known as the Covenant Power War, began on the 15th of October 2015, just before server update, when UPN, BoC, and DEIC declared war on tS, TEst, and SK. This was followed by a DoW on BoC by Mensa HQ in defense of Seven Kingdoms and the Syndicate. Peace has since been made, with The Syndicate and its allies coming on top.


Top 20 alliances before the war:

Rank Alliance Name
1 United Purple Nations
2 Viridian Entente
3 Dutch East India Company
4 Rose
5 Brotherhood of the Clouds
6 The Syndicate
7 Mensa HQ
8 Arrgh
9 Seven Kingdoms
10 Alpha
11 Black Knights
12 Green Protection Agency
13 Cornerstone
14 The Knights Radiant
15 Guardian
16 Terminus Est
17 Fark
18 Vanguard
19 Cobalt
20 Roz Wei

Top 20 alliance rankings after war:

Rank Alliance Name
1 Rose
2 Viridian Entente
3 United Purple Nations
4 The Syndicate
5 Mensa HQ
6 Green Protection Agency
7 Brotherhood of the Clouds
8 Seven Kingdoms

Black Knights

10 Alpha
11 Cornerstone
12 Arrgh
13 Roz Wei
14 Vanguard
15 The Knights Radiant


17 The Light Federation
18 Dutch East India Company
19 Guardian
20 DHaran Empire


War progression[]

UPN, BoC, and DEIC declared war on tS, TEst, and SK. The war seemed to be at a tie at this point, with both sides taking heavy hits. Within a day, Mensa declared war on BoC. The next day, EoS declared war on SK, and TKP declared on DEIC. The Obsidian Order, consisting of BK, TKR, and InGen, all declared on DEIC. DEIC began taking heavy hits, and eventually dropped from rank 3, to 19.

orders of battle

More and more allies coming in, including The Coalition, Arrgh!, and Alpha. Utopia began fighting an undeclared war against The Covenant starting on the 19th. In the next few days, VE declared war on Arrgh!, and The Obsidian Order declared war on BoC. The Covenant began taking heavy hits, and it became obvious they were losing the war. Being the last one to join in, Utopia officially declared war on UPN and BoC after fighting unofficially.

EoS then began attacking Utopia. BoC decided to declare peace, and did so on the 23rd. UPN and DEIC kept fighting until the 7th, when they too declared peace. The Covenant had dropped much in score, with tS and its allies claiming an obvious victory. Subsequently, UPN's protectorate bloc disbanded during the war, after its members were irritated about attacks against them.

Peace Terms[]

For Brotherhood of the Clouds:[]

  • BoC will not re-enter the war
  • BoC will not accept new members from DEIC or UPN until the war is ended
  • BoC and opposing forces agree to a 60-day non-agression pact
  • BoC will pay $50,000,000 each to SK and tS as reparations for the damage done
  • Lord Frostsword will build a temple to Dio on the BoC forums

For United Purple Nations:[]

  • United Purple Nations (UPN) surrenders to the coalition forces.
  • UPN will post an Acknowledgement of the God Emperor Dio Brando and the power of His sands, and place a Recognition of the color green as superior to all others in their alliance description for at least one week.
  • UPN will cease all hostilities with Vargen Institution, and wipe clean any debts owed by Vargen.
  • UPN agrees to pay a total of $300 million, 30k gasoline, and 30k munitions to Seven Kingdoms, The Syndicate, and Terminus Est, as reparation for damages done.
  • With this surrender, VE and UPN will peace out all wars with Arrgh.

For Empire of Spades[]

  • Empire of Spades (EoS) surrenders to the coalition forces.
  • A member of EoS will post a short (1-2 paragraph) positive review of Human Centipede 2 in the Orbis Central forum.

For Dutch East India Company[]

  • Dutch East India Company (DEIC) surrenders to the coalition forces.
  • DEIC acknowledges that InGen has the best theme park.
  • DEIC agrees to pay a total of 25k steel, 25k gasoline as reparations for damages done. DEIC also agrees to pay a total of 350million (300mil as reparations for damages, and 50million as a fine to Mensa for DEIC being !@#$)
  • They agree to pay 100million, 10k steel and 10k gasoline within 24 hours of peace being reached.
  • The remaining sum may be paid in installments, with 100million, 5k steel, and 5k gasoline being due each week until the full sum is paid off.
  • For ease of payment and accounting, all payments will be sent to the bank of The $yndicate.

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