This is the Office of the highest job of the land and nation. The Current Head of State is Liam Sorenson. This office has been open since July 10th, 2018. POTUR is the short name. 

Titles of the OfficeEdit

  • Mr. President (informal)
  • The Honorable (formal) 
  • His Exellency (diplomatic)  

Information about the OfficeEdit

Salary: $ 350,000 USD/ yr

Term: 2 yr, renewable twice

Seat: Barrhead, Capital District

Residency: Republican House

Formation: July 10th, 2018 (yr ago)

First Leader: Liam Sorenson 

Last Leader: N/A

List of PresidentsEdit

There is only one so far: 1 acting, 0 died, 0 resigned, 0 removed!

Name| Term| Party| Notes| Election Year| # of Elections|

  1. Liam Sorenson| July 10 2018-| Republican| Incumbent, Signed his first two EO's during his Presidency.| 2019, | 1 |
    - Jason Sooner |August 14th, 2019- August 16th, 2019| NDP |Acting President under the Constution of Sorensonland, Resigned|
1024px-Seal of the President of the United States.svg

Official Seal of Office of President of United Republic of Sorensonland!

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