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Odd Squad is once again an alliance in the top 25. Odd Squad is an alliance that is now recognized to the purple and/or black colorspheres. The alliance is led by King Ansom and Queen Katerina. The alliance was founded on June 25, 2015.* The alliance has briefly peaked it's rank at #20 in the alliance rankings by score. The alliance's success is owed to Katerina for keeping things together and organized and El Commander who helped build the foundation of the alliance.



Queen Katerina: Minister of Defense

King Ansom: Overseer of Finance and Foreign Relations

Kingman Court (And Position if Valid):

Minister of Finance: Brandon Donsberger

Minister of Foreign Relations: Thalmor

Minister of Internal Affairs: Kenneth

Minister of Recruitment: William of Cobden

Other Courtsman: Nikki, Elliehanna, Sqwizzix


MDoAP with Cobalt

MDP with Socialist Workers Front

Protected by Viridian Entente


Odd Squad was involved in a war against Charming Friends. The original two alliances declaring were the Charming Friends agressing Reichswehr. Click here for DoW. This war lead to the defeat of the Charming Friends and the formation of the Squad Bloc. On September 3rd, Odd Squad was disbanded following a coup made by a member knows Becca. Odd Squad was later brought to surface again under the name "The Great British Empire." The name changed back to Odd Squad. This reform was brought about by Katerina and Jumin. The reform had only 8 members return, Ansom did not return with the reform right away. He first spent a week in Sigma and on September 14th, Ansom returned to Odd Squad as leader and soon after the alliance began to grow again including old members returning. Currently Odd Squad sits at Rank 22 with 54 members.

The Evenstar Merger:

On December 14th, 2015, Thalmor of The Evenstar Empire announced his "Final Decree." With his final decree being stated, The Evenstar Empire was to merged into Odd Squad.

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