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The Obsidian Accords
The Obsidian Order
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The Black Knights
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The Knights Radiant
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Brotherhood of the Clouds
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Former Signatories
Nuclear Knights
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InGen Technologies Inc.
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Treaty Type: MDoAP Bloc
Treaty Signed: September 21, 2015
Treaty Terminated: March 17, 2017
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Obsidian Order was a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression (MDoAP) bloc initiated on the 21st of September, 2015 by the Black Knights, the Knights Radiant, and InGen.

The alliance has been changed to accommodate Nuclear Knights (who have since left and gone paperless) and Brotherhood of the Clouds.

The Obsidian Accords

We the undersigned, henceforth known as the Obsidian Order, declare our intent to cooperate and promote a lasting alliance amongst ourselves.

Article 1: Mutual Assistance

Members of the Obsidian Order agree to aid each other in all conflicts in which a member is defending. This aid is to include, but is not limited to, information, military assistance, financial assistance, and moral support. All members of the Obsidian Order shall have the option to support each other in any offensive campaign.

Article 2: The Obsidian Council

The Obsidian Council shall be composed of one delegate from each member alliance and shall oversee the day to day operations of the Obsidian Order. Every two months the Obsidian Council shall select one person to serve as chairman of the council. The chairman shall be the public face of the Obsidian Order.

Article 3: The Obsidian Treasurer

The Obsidian Treasurer shall be appointed by the Obsidian Council to oversee the finances of the Obsidian Order. The Obsidian Treasurer shall ensure that the Order maintains an adequate stockpile of resources and money and shall work with members of the Obsidian Order to promote economic development.

Article 4: The Obsidian Legate

The Obsidian Legate shall be appointed by the Obsidian Council to oversee the military of the Obsidian Order. The Obsidian Legate shall ensure that the Order is able to mobilize rapidly should it be needed and shall work with members of the Obsidian Order to promote military readiness.

Article 5: Membership

Any alliance wishing to join the Obsidian Order must receive a unanimous vote of confidence from the Obsidian Council before being allowed to join. The Obsidian Council may expel a member through a unanimous vote of the council, excluding the member to be expelled. Any member wishing to leave the Obsidian Order must provide the Obsidian Council with at least seventy-two hours notice.


The Obsidian Council

Infinite Citadel, Chairman
Yosodog, Delegate
OlivierMira, Delegate
Mr. Flubb, Legate
Apeman, Treasurer

Signed for The Black Knights

Yosodog, Emperor
Lord Strum, Viceroy
Mr. Flubb, Archduke of Defense, Centurion of Evil
Jimmyvbuck, Archduke of Foreign Affairs
Tiber, Archduke of Internal Affairs
Zoot, Archduke of Economics

Signed for InGen

Board of Directors: OlivierMira, MadMax, and The Witch King
Chief of Operations: Apeman

Signed for The Knights Radiant

Herald of Kings: Infinite Citadel
Herald of Foreign Affairs: Lordship
Herald of Growth: Deus
Herald of Internal Affairs: Robert E Lee
Herald of the People: Walling
Herald of War: Azaghul
High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Sargun
High Prince of Foreign Affairs: Chey
High Prince of Internal Affairs: Vitaris
High Prince of War: Best Leader