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Part of the Alliance Wars
Date May 3, 2021 - May 11, 2021
Casus belli
  • Delta: Terminal Jest and Oblivion raids on Delta. Spy attacks from Oblivion on Delta.
  • HM: Supposed leaked logs showing an imminent Delta attack on The Immortals. Leaked logs showing Delta discussing hitting Error 404.
  • HedgeMoney Coalition Victory
  • Delta agrees to rename to The Johnsons for a month
The Last Ride

2021Terminal Jest.jpg
Terminal Jest

The Hedge Money.png
The Hedge Money Accords

Oblivion Second Flag.jpg
Guardian Flag.jpg
Children Of The Light Flag.png
Children of the Light

Error 404 Flag.gif
Error 404

Burger King Flag.png
Burger King Odyssey flag.gif

TaskForce Delta Flag.png
The Johnsons

SMC Flag.jpg
Stratosphere Marine Corps
Soldiers of Liberty.jpg
Soldiers of Liberty
Brotherhood Family Flag.jpg
Brotherhood Family
The United Armies Flag.png
The United Armies

Atlantian Council Flag.jpg
Atlantian Council
The North Western South Region of the Far East
Greater Unitary Republic Flag.jpg
The Greater Unitary Republic
WoV flag.jpg
Warriors of Valhalla
PRIU Flag.png
Prusso Roman Imperial Union
The Monarchy Flag.jpeg
The Monarchy


2021Terminal Jest.jpg Partisan
Oblivion Second Flag.jpg Ockey5
Guardian Flag.jpg Memph
Guardian Flag.jpg synthesis
Guardian Flag.jpg JtTeE
Guardian Flag.jpg Vanek26
Children Of The Light Flag.png Leftbehind
Error 404 Flag.gif Basebond
Error 404 Flag.gif TRM
Error 404 Flag.gif Fabian I
Error 404 Flag.gif Decagon
Burger King Flag.png Ducc Zucc
Odyssey flag.gif SAXON

SMC Flag.jpg Dave III
SMC Flag.jpg Jacob Apple
Soldiers of Liberty.jpg Peace Jesus
Brotherhood Family Flag.jpg Llojsa
The United Armies Flag.png Sir Carlo
Atlantian Council Flag.jpg Karen theEnlightened
22AAEB44-1680-40AE-95E9-DC49E085DBC9.jpeg Tristen
Greater Unitary Republic Flag.jpg Marcus Liddell
WoV flag.jpg Drakdodare
PRIU Flag.png Palsada
The Monarchy Flag.jpeg Shephard

795,000 Score 610,000 Score

Oblivous, also known as Trimming the Hedge, was a war that started after Terminal Jest and Oblivion raided Delta, now known as "The Johnsons". TaskForce Delta retaliated by countering Oblivion and Terminal Jest, which resulted in members of Hedge Money countering offensive Delta wars declared on uninvolved Oblivion members. Delta would respond by counter-blitzing Children of the Light and Error 404.

Famous Quotes:

"Big D turned into Small D" - Fabian I

"Big D was no match for us" - Decagon