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Oblivion-Zeon War
Date 09-15 November 2017
Result Status quo ante bellum
Preceded by
Red Wedding
Succeeded by
Arrgh lmao War

Oblivion Second Flag.jpg

Principality of Zeon Flag.png
Principality of Zeon
Knights Templar Flag.jpg
Knights Templar
Entiti Rorupurei Flag.jpg
Entiti Rōrupurei


Oblivion Second Flag.jpg Park

Principality of Zeon Flag.png Zhen
Knights Templar Flag.jpg Thalmor
Knights Templar Flag.jpg Theodosius
Knights Templar Flag.jpg Vladamir Putin
Knights Templar Flag.jpg Senry
Entiti Rorupurei Flag.jpg Thruzan
Entiti Rorupurei Flag.jpg Uvoxyuwin

30 nations
59,023.95 score
105 nations
191,767.42 score

The Oblivion-Zeon War was a conflict which began on November 9, 2017 when Oblivion launched a large assault on the Principality of Zeon. The cause of the conflict is unknown. On the following day, the Knights Templar, protector of Zeon, launched a retaliatory assault on Oblivion alongside Entiti Rōrupurei.


On November 9, 2017 Oblivion launched 24 wars against Zeon. Zeon responded with 3 counter-wars. On November 10, the Knights Templar launched 37 wars on Oblivion in defense of Zeon. Oblivion launched 1 counter-war on KT. On November 11, Entiti Rōrupurei launched 10 wars on Oblivion in defense of Zeon. The conflict ended several days later on November 15 when all wars were peaced out by all combatants. By the end of the conflict Oblivion has lost roughly half of its score.

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